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Dear SNA Member,

Here's what your Board has been working on. Many of these issues may

affect you so please read through to the end.

New Contract

Uniforms -

Based on our feedback, the Hospital has agreed to reimburse

nurses for extra costs for larger sizes. Credit cards will be credited.


We've agreed on a new step in the Clinical Ladder, 5% above SNIV.

Nurses who are SNIV are eligible. SNV involves a Dept./Hosp. project

approved by Mgr./Dir./CNO for a defined period (1 yr.) with defined

outcomes. See your manager if interested.

Retention Bonus -

Hospital proposed for depts. with at least 50% travelers. Bonus is $5,000 split

over 6 mos. So far, OR qualifies. We've
expressed that we don't think this is

the entire answer to retention, at

Referral Bonus -

Hospital proposed for employees who refer someone who

is hired to a posted position and who stays for at least 6 mos.

Lead Nurses with patient assignments -

We are very concerned with the increasing number of shifts when Leads have

pt. assignments. Thank you
for documenting. We are monitoring the number

and holding the Hospital
accountable. Stay tuned....


Rapid Response Team 24/7 -

We have discussed the need for this team with

Hospital Admin. for many months. We are monitoring the new program.

Support of Nurses -

In depts. where changes in job duties and working

conditions are occurring, such as Urgent Care Nurse recall, Utilization

Review Nurses, Pediatric Nurses and Nurses in L&D we are addressing

nurses' concerns with the Hospital.

Overtime -

We have held Hosp. Admin. accountable for certain managers'

behavior towards nurses regarding "incidental overtime".

Collaboration with NUHW Union - concerning inadequate Care Partner


Discipline Hearings -

Representation of nurses in fact finding and
discipline hearings.

**** If you are contacted by your manager to attend a fact finding

meeting, you are entitled to SNA representation for the mtg. Your

manager has to give you 72 hrs. notice of the mtg. Contact us right away

at 575-8853 or by email at snanews@sonic.net. Do not agree to the time

for a mtg. until you contact us.

Health Insurance -

We followed up on changes to the PPO. Open enrollment will occur again in

May for the year beginning 7/1. Please read the
information carefully. There

are risks and benefits for both the EPO and
the PPO.

The EPO restricts your choices of facilities to St. Joseph but costs

less. The PPO includes more choices but costs more, including copays for

care at SRMH and other St. Joseph facilities.

Thank you,

The SNA Board

To Make an anonymous complaint regarding patient safety/patient care-call:

California Department Public Health (DPH)
(707) 576-6775




Joint Commission (JACHO)
(800) 944-6610
Weekdays 8:30a-5:3p Cental Standard Time

To make an anonymous complaint regarding missed meal breaks/rest periods or overtime-call:
Dept. of Industrial Relations 576-2362




200 Montgomery Dr.
Suite B
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
575-8853-message line

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