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Dear SNA Member,


Some Reminders:  Negotiation Mtg.  Wed. 3/11 10 am LLC

                               SNA Membership Mtgs. Fri. 3/13, 2pm and 4pm at the Methodist Church on Montgomery and 5:30 and 7:30 pm at the SNA office 200 Montgomery Suite B.  We'll have handouts there that detail all of the remaining issues.


Thank you for attending the SNA membership mtgs. on Thurs. 3/5.  We had a good turnout and some very productive discussion.  Members who were not able to attend asked for a debrief:


Lack of negotiation meetings between 10/22 and now was discussed including the mediator's efforts as well as the possible meaning.

The SNA Board made very clear that we are not going to agree to Hosp. proposed cuts based on any perceived pressure from the CNA challenge to SNA.  We are proceeding based on our principles.


We discussed that "holding the line" against all of the cuts the Hosp. has proposed does not equal doing nothing.  It is no accident that they did not implement their Last, Best and Final offer in 2013.  Meanwhile, noc shift still has a 25% diff, on-call is paid at 50%, and no cuts in health insurance, PTO, Dis. Reserve, retirement or retiree medical.


Many of the points on the flyer that we emailed and distributed concerning SNA and CNA were discussed.


We discussed concerns that newer nurses to SRMH and SNA may not feel engaged with SNA.  Perhaps we are not communicating effectively with nurses who commonly use mechanisms other than email.  Alternatives are being researched and discussed by the SNA Board.  That may include re-starting our SNA department representative program.

The most effective way for our new nurses to learn about SNA is from respected colleagues.  Please reach out to our new members.


Members expressed that they would like to know more about each of the Board members so we will be planning how to feature each of us in future communications.


Also, don't know if you are aware that SNA is 1 of 4 independent nurses' unions in the Bay Area.  CRONA represents Stanford nurses, RNPA represents nurses at Valley Med. Center in San Jose and PRN represents nurses at El Camino Hosp.


We see that CNA has a new flyer out.  We've already addressed these issues.  If you have any questions please contact us by email or message line 575-8853.


Give yourselves some credit - the SNA Board is only as strong as you are.  The magic is your unity, not us. 

Thank you, the SNA Board


To Make an anonymous complaint regarding patient safety/patient care-call:

California Department Public Health (DPH)
(707) 576-6775


Joint Commission (JACHO)
(800) 944-6610
Weekdays 8:30a-5:3p Cental Standard Time

To make an anonymous complaint regarding missed meal breaks/rest periods or overtime-call:
Dept. of Industrial Relations 576-2362




200 Montgomery Dr.
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575-8853-message line

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