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Ballot Newsletter 2014

10/22/2014 Negotiations Update:


          SNA and Hospital representatives met today at a
rescheduled time due to a family emergency for the Federal Mediator.


The SNA Team had a number of questions for the Hospital Team, including questions about the formula they used to decrease PTO accrual, the cost to Nurses for the short term disability benefit they have proposed to replace Disability Reserve, and which Nurses would benefit from the proposed benefit.


          The Hospital Team answered part of our questions regarding the short term disability but were not able to answer questions about PTO accrual.


          We also asked the Hospital Team how important an adequate number of qualified Nurses is to the Hospital and how they expect to attract and retain Nurses since SRMH now has the lowest pay of major hospitals in the local and Bay Area. Their proposals for decreased PTO benefits, elimination of Disability Reserve, elimination of Retire Medical, and reduced contributions to retirement would put the Hospital drastically lower than local and Bay Area Hospitals.


          Although the Hospital Team indicated that they have been able to hire a lot of Nurses over the last few months, we pointed out that of the 97 new hires for the year, 55 are new grads or new Nurses who are not being well supported; and, 64 nurses have left SRMH so far in 2014.


          The Hospital team indicated that their proposals presented to us are being rolled out throughout California to virtually all non-union employees.  They realize that we may not want to accept their proposals, but it is necessary because of all of the changes in healthcare and to continue to carry out their mission.


          A discussion ensued about their mission and Nurses’ inability to be proud of the patient care they give. We replied that so far, the Hospital has benefited from health care changes.


          We ended the session feeling that our questions had not really been answered and that the Hospital just expects Memorial Nurses to accept what they System is rolling out to everyone.


NLRB Notices Posted  

          The notices detailing the NLRB settlement agreement were posted and e-mailed to Staff Nurses by the Hospital yesterday and today.  However, Staff Nurses on leaves of absence may be blocked from accessing the Hospital intranet. The settlement agreement required that all Nurses be notified of the agreement.   Therefore, SNA is following up with the Compliance Officer at the NLRB.

          We will also be reporting the Hospital’s continued violations of the settlement agreement – specifically Lead Nurses with patient assignments – 32 occurrences in October so far and counting.


PRN, SPRN, Admit Nurse Staffing

          SNA has contacted the Hospital Administration concerning the failure to staff to contract specifications in September and October. They are short staffed multiple days and hours due to vacated positions that have not been posted or filled.


Ebola Concerns

          The SNA Board has been monitoring the Hospital response to Ebola concerns and preparation to care for Ebola patients.




To Make an anonymous complaint regarding patient safety/patient care-call:

California Department Public Health (DPH)
(707) 576-6775


Joint Commission (JACHO)
(800) 944-6610
Weekdays 8:30a-5:3p Cental Standard Time

To make an anonymous complaint regarding missed meal breaks/rest periods or overtime-call:
Dept. of Industrial Relations 576-2362




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