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Staff Nurses at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital have voted by an overwhelming margin to strike.  86% of the membership voted, and of those that voted 95% voted yes to strike on Monday, April 27th at 5am Wednesday, April 29th at 5am.  The Hospital has indicated that Nurses may not be able  to return to work until Saturday at 7am unless the Hospital calls Nurses back early. 

We will be sending out an e-mail in the next few days concerning the strike and picketing details. 

Remember your job is protected, even if you are in your probationary period. 

Your manager may ask you whether or not you intend to strike:  you are not required to answer.  For example, you can say you are not comfortable answering that question or I do not have to answer that question. 

We are meeting with Administration tomorrow, April 17th at 1pm at the Life Learning Center.  You are welcome to attend as gallery members. 

Thank you for your tremendous strength, unity, and determination. 

The SNA Board


To Make an anonymous complaint regarding patient safety/patient care-call:

California Department Public Health (DPH)
(707) 576-6775


Joint Commission (JACHO)
(800) 944-6610
Weekdays 8:30a-5:3p Cental Standard Time

To make an anonymous complaint regarding missed meal breaks/rest periods or overtime-call:
Dept. of Industrial Relations 576-2362




200 Montgomery Dr.
Suite B
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
575-8853-message line

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