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June 22, 2014


Dear SNA Member,


At a recent Hospital Open Forum, Todd Salnas presented the Hospital's plan for a new Hospital entrance, lobby, flooring etc.  He indicated that " research" shows that if a hospital looks beautiful and clean, patients believe they will have a good care experience.


An SNA Board member attended one of those forums and provided feedback to both Todd and Tiffany Oliver, CNO about the need to use Hospital resources to support patient care - e.g. Unit Secretaries and Care Partners.


She went on to say that the majority of Nurses worry most shifts that they can't provide safe patient care for lack of resources and that Administration's lack of support for patient care is a major factor causing them to consider employment elsewhere.

Tiffany Oliver disputed this characterization of Nurse dissatisfaction.  She said she doesn't see it and that the Nurses she meets with in committees are upbeat and positive.

We are aware that Tiffany is taking some steps to make some improvements in a few depts.  However, it is important that she fully understand the concerns and priorities of Staff Nurses since this understanding may drive decisions.

We owe it to our patients and each other to speak the truth.  Otherwise we end up with an institution based entirely on pretense.

The issue of recognition for employees was also addressed at the open forum.  An HR representative explained that recognition is focused on pizza parties, gifts (taxable) and the "walking in my shoes" program.  Our feeling is that Nurses would love to finish a shift feeling like they met their patients' needs and made a difference in their care. 

We would appreciate hearing from you.  We want to be certain that we represent your thoughts and feelings accurately.

Thank you, The SNA Board



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