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SNA Update January 8th 2014 

As you know, the Hospital has threatened to unilaterally implement it's LBF but has not yet done so.  We maintain our position that we are not at impasse and as you'll recall, last Nov. we  offered to agree with the Hospital's wage proposal if they would change any of their substantive proposals.  They replied that the LBF was a" take it or leave it " package.

The SNA Board has been preparing to take a number of actions when and if the Hospital does unilaterally implement.  We will of course notify you immediately and will meet with our membership.

Meanwhile, the Hospital continues to have significant difficulties staffing all areas of the Hospital.  Their posted nursing positions, difficulty hiring to those positions and difficulty obtaining adequate qualified travelers are not keeping pace with the number of nurses who have left. And there continue to be a lot of positions available in the area.

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